Intuitive Thinker.

Optimist. Pragmatist.

Investor. Rainmaker.

reon barnard

I am an entrepreneur, an investor and chairman.

I am a husband, a family man and friend. I am someone who respects and admires the work of those who have come before me, and aim  to be that for those who walk in my footsteps too. 

Each day, I drive the growth of high-quality, specialised businesses. I am a stickler for the rules - no exceptions. I believe in doing the work required to interrogate the sectors in which I operate.

Each day, I drive the growth of high-quality, specialised businesses.

Africa is my home and it’s teeming with potential. I see opportunity everywhere. Opportunities to create win-win outcomes - in dealmaking, for my clients and working with my partners. Opportunities to make things better for the people who live and work here, too.
reon banard

Doing well is not enough.

Across my interests, from mining to scaling profitable businesses,  I am clear that doing well is not enough - it is crucial to also do good. We must create a positive impact where we operate, because if we’re not part of the solution, we’re part of the problem. And we must always see things through.

Stretching beyond my comfort zone invigorates me. When I gain new knowledge and skills, I am conscious of how much more there is to explore. Innovation happens beyond our comfort zones.

There is no finish line.

I am always on a mission to discover my next great adventure. I think deeply about every move I make. Family is everything to me and even in my business dealings, they are top of mind.